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Banana Bread – The beginning | Nana’s Banana Bread “The best around”

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Banana bread has always been a delicious way to take those old bananas and turn them into something edible so all that hard earned money doesn’t go down the drain. That’s all fine and good, but banana bread is highly underrated. We are talking about good banana breads here. Not only the kinds that are edible but kinds (like Nana’s Banana Bread)
 that shine when they are at the table and dance in your mouth. Where did it all get lost in translation that banana bread is a way to get rid of old bananas? A good banana bread makes the flavor of banana something incredible. It had to start somewhere though. We can only guess that it begun in hard times. Let us take a look.

First we must say that bananas have been around for a very long time. Bananas have always been hanging off their trees. Bananas were discovered in India. The Greeks themselves knew about them in the 4th century BC where the army of Alexander the Great discovered them in India. There were banana fritters for Napoleon in his last days, but bananas were still very rare in those days, because they were so very hard to export because transport was so slow and bananas can definitely rot if brought to that point. In the 1830s, bananas were seen in certain New York market places, in 1870, Cook brought bananas into the Boston harbor, but it wasn’t until the invention of refrigeration that people really started buying bananas. Then all sorts of things like banana boats and banana dishes were brought about to support the new found love of the commercial banana. It was 1880, when recipes really started showing up in cookbooks.

One thing we know for sure is that sweet breads were eaten by both the Greeks and the Romans. It was in the 20th century when bananas begun being used in lots of recipes though. Before that banana was just well, a fruit to be eaten by itself. The true origin is said to be a depression era housewife who just wanted some extra money. It was amazing that until then there was no banana bread. After all, now recipes are sold by the bananas themselves to help to sell the actual bananas better. There are many other recipes with bananas, but there is no better recipe than the bread. After all, it is good for all meals, snacks, and occasions. You know what the funny thing is? It didn’t become completely popular until the 1960s. Suddenly everyone started baking banana bread. Why we don’t know. They just did. And the joy of baking was discovered. Thank goodness for that.

So, whether it be hard times or not, you can sink your teeth into something sweet….and tasty Nana’s Banana Bread. To order yours, go to  If in the Santa Clarita area, please call 661-510-3581   We can ship all continental USA.

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