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Posted on by Nana's Baked Goods
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What is Banana Bread? Simple answer…

In its pure form, banana bread is a quickbread, which is to say a loaf leavened with baking soda and baking powder rather than yeast or mechanically introduced air (angel food cake, chiffon cakes, etc.)

It’s similar to zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, and carrot cake in that the bulk of the structure is based on a fruit or vegetable pulp.

There are hybrid recipes that feature creaming the butter, etc.

Banana bread is a great way to bin sort people you know. There are two kinds of people – when bananas go bad, some make banana bread, others feed them to their worms or throw them away.

Nana’s Banana Bread flavors, Traditional Banana raisin bread with  chopped  walnuts, chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Zucchini Banana Bread, Blueberry Banana Bread.

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