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Flour: What is the difference between pastry flour, cake and bread?

Protein content. All flour has a varying amount of protein which can be either washed out or left inside the final product before sale. As a rule of thumb:
  • Cake flour: 7-8%
  • Southern all purpose flour: 7.5-9.5%
  • Northern all purpose flour: 11-12%
  • Bread flour:12-13%

AP (all purpose) flour is usually a mix of cake and bread flour (King Arthur, one of the biggest and most used flour companies in the U.S. does that, for example). Climate plays a huge role as well, southern grown wheat develops less protein due to climate differences than northern grown wheat, which makes it much less suitable for bread baking.
Protein in the wheat consists mostly of prolamin and glutelin which, when sheared, mesh to form gluten. Gluten, upon forming, traps air and other gasses during the proofing/drying/baking process and yields fluffier, less dense, product.

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